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  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


Withdrawal from the IWC

 The Abe Cabinet is going to decide that Japan will withdraw from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) by the end of the coming June. However, other whaling countries, namely Norway and Iceland, will remain in the organization. In believe that Japan should not withdraw from the IWC.                                                                              IWC was set up in 1948 to manage whale stocks and regulate the whaling industry. Japan joined in 1951. Currently, 89 countries are members of the IWC, and Canada is an observer.                                                                              Among the 89 members, 41 countries such as Japan, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Denmark, South Korea and Guinea wish to allow commercial whaling whereas 48 countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, the U.S., the U.K. and the Netherlands are opposed to commercial whaling.                                                                              This September, Japan proposed partly resuming commercial whaling at IWC General Assembly in Brazil, but the proposal was rejected. Especially, Australia is dead set against any form of whaling, even for scientific research. Currently, there is no hope for the resumption of commercial whaling even though whale stocks have arguably recovered.                                                                              I believe that Japan is being unfairly held responsible for the depletion of whale stocks. The Abe Cabinet should point out that whales became endangered not due to Japan’s consumption of whale meat but instead because of the irresponsible actions of the U.S. and European countries who overfished whales in their unsustainable thirst for whale oil.                                                                              Moreover, Japan should actively condemn other countries’ evils. In 2007, the United Nations adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by an overwhelming majority. Only 4 countries were opposed to it: the U.S. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Except for Canada, the 3 anti-whaling countries ignore the rights of the indigenous peoples of whose lands they were deprived.                                                                              In addition, Australia has been massacring kangaroos even though Australians eat only a part of them. Most of the indigenous animals are killed pointlessly.                                                                             The U.S. frequently goes against the international consensus and withdraws from organizations of which it disapproves. Japan does not have an enough clout to follow the American example.                                                                              Norway and Iceland set up the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission (NAMMCO) in 1992 with Greenland and Faroe self-government. And, under the NAMMCO, Norway and Iceland continue to whale under whaling quotas.                                                                              If Japan withdraws from the IWC, Japan cannot continue research whaling in the Antarctic Ocean any longer. I believe that Japan should remain in the IWC and tie up with Norway and Iceland to resume commercial whaling at least in Japan’s exclusive economic zone.    


  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


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