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  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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Ignorance is far from Bliss

 Many historical records have been released 50 years after World War 2. Intelligent people already know that then-President Franklin Roosevelt sacrificed Japan to join the European war. On the other hand, Japanese should be aware that Japanese diplomats and politicians were too incompetent, and still are today.                                 In 1995, Vitaly Pavlov, a former NKVD (precursor of KGB) agent, released his memoirs in a Moscow journal. In them,he claimed that the NKVD instigated the U.S. - Japan War and accomplished it through the help of Harry Dexter White. This was called "Operation Snow." In 2005, Bruce Craig published "Treasonable Doubt : The Hurry Dexter White Spy case." And, VENONA, the description of Soviet espionage in the U.S., documented the Soviet spy network in the American government at the time.                              In the FDR administration, there were many New Dealers, who were left-leaning or even Soviet-friendly. Harry Dexter White, an assistant secretary of the Treasury, was the key figure.                        In August 1941, the FDR cabinet imposed a complete oil embargo against Japan. Japan's then-Prime Minister Konoe asked for a meeting with then-President Roosevelt. However, Secretary of State Cordell Hull rejected it, and handed over the so-called "Hull Note" to Japanese Ambassador Nomura on November 26th, demanding unacceptable requests, which cornered Japan to attack Pearl harbor on the December 2nd.                        The Japanese government took the Hull Note as an ultimatum, but it was just a pretense. According to the U.S. Constitution, presidents do not have the authority to declare war, which can only be officially declaredby the Congress. In addition, in campaign promise, FDR pledged that the U.S. would not join the European war. At the time, an anti-war atmosphere prevailed among American citizens, and the majority of the congressmen were opposed to joining the war. Hence, if Japan had ignored the Hull Note,I believe that the U.S. would not have declared war against Japan. Neither Japanese politicians or diplomats were able to read FDR's true intention.                         However, the situation changed due to utterly incompetent Ambassador Nomura and his surbodinates. Amid tense circumstance, they emptied the Japanese Embassy to attend a farewell party. The Japanese government sent a declaration of war in code to the Embassy.When Ambassador Nomura handed over the declaration to Cordell Hull, Japanese fighters had already attacked Pearl Harbor.                          FDR propagated Japan's sneak attack. As a result, the atmosphere in the U.S. drastically changed to wage against Japan.                         Incidentally, international law does not require a declaration of war. In fact, the Nazi frequently attacked without declaration.                        The American citizens, even congressmen, did not know about the Hull Note. Hamilton Fish, a Lower House member, wrote a book, criticizing FDR's stragtegy in "Tragic Deception : FDR and America's Involvement in World War 2."                         Japan completely fell pray to FDR. However, if Japanese politicians and diplomats had been competent, Japan might have been able to avoid World War 2.   


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