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  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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The Execution of the Aum Guru

 On July 6th, the Ministry of Justice announced that they had executed Chizuo Matsumoto as well as his 6 other senior members who played leading rolls in the Tokyo sarin subway attack of 1995. There are death penalty abolitionists in Japan. However, none of them objects to the execution of the cult guru even though some criticize the execution of his followers.                                On March 20th, 1995, a cult “Aum Shinrikyo” committed gassed subways in Tokyo with sarin, killing 13 people and injuring over 6,300. Mass violence almost never occurs in Japan. Its 13 top leaders were sentenced to death.                                 Chizuo Matsumoto was born in 1955 in Kumamoto Prefecture, from a Korean father and a Japanese mother. Unfortunately, he was blind in one eye. But, he was a boy full of vitality with an overinflated ego.                                           In 1984, he launched a yoga class in Tokyo, which was renamed “Aum Shinrikyo” in 1987. He brainwashed his students and garnered over 10,000 disciples who worshiped him.                                                       The families of the brainwashed disciples formed a group to deprogram their children or other family members, and brought a lawsuit against the cult. However, their lawyer was murdered along with his wife and their 1-year-old boy in 1989.                         In 1990, Chizuo Matsumoto ran for a Lower House election, but could acquire only 0.3% of the votes. He believed that the result was due to a plot by the nation. Hence, he planned a coup d’etat to take over Japan, and committed his acts of mass murder in 1995.              The European Union, whose members agreed on abolishing death penalty, criticized Japan’s execution, and objected on the ground that there is no effect of death penalty on crime.                                                       Japan’s public safety is overwhelmingly the best among major countries. And, even the U.S. is better than European countries. Once the U.S. virtually abolished the death penalty, its recidivism rate soared. Therefore, most of its states have reinstated the death penalty.           The Japan Bar Association has advocated abolishing the death penalty. Nonetheless, none of them are opposed to Chizuo Matsumoto’s execution even though some criticize the execution of his followers. If the admit the exception, they should clarify the criteria.           According to the latest survey in 2015, 90% of Japanese citizens supported the death penalty. On the other hand, if life imprisonment were introduced, the support would decrease to 51%.                                                  Whether or not to abolish the death penalty is a domestic matter with which foreign countries should not interfere. Japanese put a premium on the pubic safety. And, I prioritize bona fide citizens’ lives over criminals’ lives.                               


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