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  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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Cornered North Korea


 North Korea has formal relationships with Southeast Asian countries. Over the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, however, North Korea is becoming isolated. China, its patron, is also criticizing the unruly nation. If North Korea collapses, it will be a nightmare for South Korea.   


 North Korea has official diplomatic relations with 10 countries in Southeast Asia. Where border control is loose, North Korea abuses these relationships by circulating drugs and counterfeit bills.   


 On February 13th, Kim Jong-nam was blatantly assassinated at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, which is the sole country that North Koreans can visit without visas. North Korea is insisting that it had nothing to do with the murder and criticized Malaysia. Malaysia has taken a hard stance against North Korea and is considering breaking off diplomatic relations.  


 One of the 2 perpetrators was an Indonesian woman. Indonesia has historically had a good relationship with North Korea. The Indonesian woman claimed that she tricked by a North Korean agent posing a Japanese man for a Japanese TV show who asked her to “surprise” Kim Jong-nam as a “joke.” Indonesians felt sorry for her and the national sentiment in Indonesia has turned sour toward North Korea.   


 For China, North Korea is just a buffer against U.S. forces. Hence, China has yearly offered a half million tons of petroleum products and grain each for free to support North Korea. However, China will never permit North Korea to own nuclear-tipped missiles that can attack Beijing or Shanghai. If China stops offering oil products to North Korea, the nation will instantly collapse. On the 18th, China announced that it would suspend the import of coal from North Korea until the end of this year. And, on the 23rd, a press secretary for the Chinese Defense Ministry commented that they were ready to deal with the collapse of North Korea.  


 Economically, North Korea is an insignificant nation. Its demise will take hardly any toll on the global economy. And, it would be great for Japan because I believe that the abducted Japanese won’t be released until North Korea collapses. However, hordes of North Korean refugees will flood into China and South Korea.             


 Different from Germany, the unification of South and North Korea is impossible. When Germany united, West Germany’s population was 64 million whereas East Germany’s was only 16 million. 4 West Germans had to support 1 East German. In terms of per capita GDP, the East was said to be about a half of the West’s On the other hand, South Korea’s population is 50 million whereas North Korea’s is 23 million. So, 2 South Koreans have to carry the burden of nearly 1 North Korean. In addition, South Korea’ per capita GDP is 28,200 U.S. dollar whereas North Korea’s is only 854 USD, which equals barely 3 % of the South’s. To make matters worse, South Korea is suffering from a serious economic recession and political turmoil.   


 Some analysts claimed that China had been sheltering Kim Jong-nam as a drop-in North Korean leader after a coup d’etat occurs in the uncontrollable nation. China had historically ruled the Korean Peninsula for over 1,000 years. They are well aware how to deal with Koreans.   


 The United Nations should form a consensus that, when North Korea collapses, it will be placed under the temporary trusteeship of China. Then, China can retain the area as a buffer zone. At least, currently oppressed North Koreans would live better lives under the Chinese regime. I believe that Japan should also give them humanitarian support after the abducted Japanese are repatriated.   




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