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  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


A Political Earthquake


 The result of the American presidential election astounded not only the U.S. but also the world. Amid uncertainty, the Japanese yen predictably appreciated, and consequently Japan’s Nikkei average nosedived. The election brought new facts to light. The combination of the American election and Brexit makes for an interesting if not predictable future.  


 Most popular media predicted a Hillary Clinton win. According to “THE WEEK,” 57 newspapers, such as New York Times and Washington Post, endorsed Mrs. Clinton whereas only 2, The Las Vegas Times and The Florida Times Union, endorsed Mr. Trump. USA Today even called on its readers not to vote for Donald Trump. Mr. Trump criticized the media for being disingenuous and corrupt, and said that voters were aware of it. The election confirmed that the media are biased.  


 The result was quite different from surveys conducted prior to the election. Many people refused to answer honestly for one reason or another. Supporters for Donald Trump were reportedly less-educated Caucasian working-class voters. However, there were a lot of support for Trump from other demographics. Trump repeatedly made controversial remarks. Therefore, many educated people couldn’t express that they supported Donald Trump, afraid of being criticized as racist. In reality, freedom of speech is not allowed in the U.S. 


 The next president was elected by the citizens. Nevertheless, many American citizens refused to accept the result, and rallied in at least 25 cities. More than 120 people were arrested. They defiantly oppose the result of their own democratic election. In the U.S., democracy is becoming unhinged.  


 Furthermore, some turned into mobs, smashing windows of shops and setting fire to garbage on the streets. Such a riot does not occur in Japan.  


 In Japan, on the 9th, the yen appreciated by 1.09 yen to 103.32 yen to 1USD, and the Nikkei average plummeted to 16,251.54 yen, a decrease of 919.84 yen. On the following day, however, yen depreciated by 2.31 yen to 105.63 yen, and the average rebounded to 17,344.42 yen, an increase of 1,092,88 yen. The next president’s policy of putting the economy first caused a surge in markets. I didn’t expect yen to get back to normal so soon.  


 Donald Trump is straightforward. He says what he really believes at the moment. The TPP will not go into effect any more. The crucial issue for Japan is the U.S. forces deployed in Japan. I hope that he will gradually withdraw the American military from Okinawa. It’s high time for Japan to safeguard its citizens and territory by itself. The Japanese Constitution drafted by the GHQ should be revised at last.  



  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


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