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  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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Emerging Energy Economies

 The global economy is uncertain about the prospects of the U.S. economy. On the other hand, several emerging economies such as Qatar, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan are flourishing. I predict that their prosperity will promote Japan's economic recovery. At the same time, the rise of new energy-suppliers might put Russia into a second default.

 Now, Qatar is the richest economy in the world. Its per capita GDP exceeds 100,000 USD, even including non-citizens. Its population is about 2 million, of which its citizens comprise only about 300,000. Upon marrying, its citizens are provided land, and they can afford to build large houses.

 Qatar used to be a poor county. However, liquefied natural gas (LNG) transformed the poor nation into a superbly wealthy country. Chioda Corporation, a Japanese construction and engineering company, launched a LNG project in 1992, and the plant was completed in 1996. I believe that Qatar is very thankful for Japan's cooperation. After the Great Tohoku Earthquake, Qatar founded the Qatar Friend Fund which contributed 100 million USD for Japan's recovery.

 The 2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Qatar. 8 out of 12 stadiums are to be newly constructed. In addition, many hotels will be constructed to accommodate visitors. I believe it is a good opportunity for Japanese construction companies.

 Turkmenistan, which had been called "North Korea of the Central Asia," has been attracting attention recently. Turkmenistan became independent in 1991 in the wake of the collapse of the USSR. The first president, Niyazov, who had tightly controlled the flow of information, died in 2006. Berdimuhamezov was inaugurated as the second president in 2007. He adopted a liberal policy, and removed restriction on the flow of information. Then, the world learned that the mysterious nation was, in reality, an amazing wealthy nation on account of its natural gas. Utility bills and tuition up to collage are free in the country. In addition, an allowance for children is provided. A family with 8 or more children is gifted a large condominium.

 The second president appears positively predisposed to Japan. He has already visited Japan to meet former prime minister Hatoayama and present Prime Minister Abe. At foreign collages, Japanese is the most popular language. In their language, "toyo" means wedding, and "ota" means grassland. With a catchphrase "From a wedding to grassland," Toyota has a 60% share in the country. Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Sojitu Worldwide, both Japanese companies, have constructed a 600 million USD LNG processing faculty, which will start operation this month.

 Azerbaijan also became independent from the USSR in 1991. The Kazar (artificial) Island Project (11 billion USD) has been ongoing and is scheduled to be completed in 2030. The Azerbaijan Tower will reach 1,050 meter tall, the highest in the world. The bank interest rate is so high (over 20%) that the citizens can increase their money without doing anything. Karate is the most popular martial art even though it was banned in the era of the USSR. Akio Kanai, a Japanese man, is highly respected for having donated 4,000 pairs of glasses to visually impaired refugees in the country.

 In the early 20th century, its Baku oil field produced over half of the global oil supply at the time. With European technology, Azerbaijan was able to develop its offshore oil field in the Caspian Sea.

 Not only petroleum but also natural gas are abundant in Azerbaijan. A natural gas pipeline to Italy is planned. When realized, Russia won't be able to exercise its dominance of the natural gas supply in Europe.

 Along with shale gas and shale oil, the emergence of new energy economies will deprive Russia of international clout. Russia might be put into default again.


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