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  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


Restoration of Japan’s Public Peace

 The number of crimes in Japan has been decreasing since 1993. Nevertheless, more than 80% of Japanese citizens believe that the public peace has deteriorated in the last decade. I hope the next Prime Minister Shinzo Abe restore Japan so that Japanese can live with a sense of security. 
 On August 16th, the Cabinet Office released the result of a survey on the public peace conducted the previous month to 3,000 citizens, 1956 of whom responded. 59.7% of the citizens answered that Japan is a safe country with a good public peace, an increase of 5.9% from 2006. On the other hand, 81.1% replied that the public peace has worsened in the last 10 years. 51.1% feel anxiety about burglary, 49.9% worry about purse snatching, and 49.4% are concerned about assault. The crime that the citizens desire the police to severely crack down on most is traffic violation such as drunk-driving and hit-and-run.  
 Different from the U.S. or European countries, indiscriminate shooting does not occur in Japan. Even murder cases are rare. Apparently, Japan is the safest country among major countries in the world. Basically, Japanese don’t commit violent crimes. However, Chinese, Korean, and other foreigners commit violent crimes in Japan  
 Some insist that foreigners are not a crucial factor in terms of the public peace because foreigner crimes account for less than 10% of crimes committed in Japan. The number of foreigners has been around 2.15 million out of a total population of 127 million. Foreigners compose less than 1.7 % of the population. Nevertheless, foreigners account for 7.7% of prison inmates. Running costs of prisons are for more expensive than welfare. Foreigner crime is a problem of not only the public peace but also Japan’s finances.  
 When foreigner convicts are released from prisons, the Japanese government should flatly deport them without exception. Also, the government should deport foreigners who cannot support themselves rather than offering welfare. Japan does not need criminal, lazy or incompetent foreigners.  
 An increasing number of Koreans and Chinese are naturalizing in Japan, and some of them commit crimes. The Japanese government must not grant foreigners Japanese citizenship easily.  
 The incumbent administration of the Democratic Party of Japan is planning to increase the number of foreign student studying in Japan up to 300,000 by offering many of them plentiful scholarships. It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money! In addition, some of them will likely commit crimes in Japan. An influx of foreigners leads to deterioration of the public peace. The next Abe Cabinet must stop such a treacherous policy.  
 Also, the Abe Cabinet should exercise strict controls, especially over reckless driving such as DUI, unlicensed driving, and extreme speeding by introducing the concept of “gross negligence.” I believe reckless drivers who kill people deserve capital punishment.  
 I hope Mr. Abe restore the order of Japan so that Japanese can live at ease in our own land.  


  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


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