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  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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A Hazard To The Public Peace:The Influx of Immigrants

 As of march 31st, this year, Japan’s population is 127,057,860 persons, decreasing by 18,323 persons from the previous year. As a countermeasure against the population shrinkage, the Democratic Party of Japan is planning to accept ten million immigrants. However, an influx of uneducated, low-skilled immigrants will lead to the deterioration of the public peace. We must not allow DPJ’s immigration policy.  

 Some call the Netherlands a great nation when it comes to human rights. Now, foreigners account for 17% of the population, and its public peace is one of the worst in Europe. It is forecasted that the Netherlands will become the first Muslim country in Europe, at the earliest by 2025 and at the latest by 2050.  

 Many people idealize Sweden, the welfare state. However, in Malmo, the third biggest city in Sweden, a quarter of the population is comprised of immigrants from Iraq, Lebanon, etc. In areas, the public peace is so disrupted that lone police car cannot patrol the area.  

 Germany has also accepted many immigrants. In a district in Berlin, immigrants surpassed 90% of the residents. At an elementary school, minority German children are bullied by immigrant children because they are German. Affluent German families have moved to other districts, and poor German families which cannot afford to move have to endure the situation in which their children are bullied. Germans have to move even though Germany is their native country.  

 On July 30th, French president Nicolas Sarkozy announced a strict policy against immigrants. If a previous naturalized citizen commits a felony, he will be stripped of his citizenship. This announcement derived from a riot in Grenoble on July 16th and 17th, in which youngsters fired at the police and burned dozens of parked cars. Allegedly, this riot occurred in retaliation for an incident in which a 27-year-old Arabian robbery suspect was shot to kill on the run several days before the riot. President Sarkozy visited Grenoble on July 30th and stated that France had imprudently accepted immigrants over the past 50 years and announced a policy to strengthen punishment for the murder of public officials. Recently, he also announced measures to put pressure on the Roma who roam around the country, and has already expatriated more than 600 Roma.  

 Italy also announced a policy to expatriate the Roma in order to maintain the public peace.  

 Of course, allowing highly educated, moral foreigners to immigrate to Japan probably helps Japan economically. But, an influx of poorly educated, low-skilled immigrants surely deteriorates the public peace. European countries have started to strictly regulate immigration. Japan’s public peace is still the best among the major countries in the world. In order to maintain our public peace, we must never accept an influx of immigrants.


  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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