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  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


Wild Animals for Food

 Due to global warming, the number of wold boars in Tokyo is increasing. In terms of food-sufficiency, we should make the most of such wild animals for food.

 In the west area of Hochiouji City, Tokyo, where forests are adjacent to residential districts, wild boars appear frequently. They prowl for food in farmers' fields, damaging crops. When farmers set traps, wild boars are easily captured. I bet the farmers could sell wild boar at a profit.

 In and around Osaka, wild boars are fetched high prices since olden times. I haven't eaten wild boar, but I suppose wild boar is mush tastier than domesticated pork. Personally, I do want to try wild boar.

 In Hokkaido, wild deer have proliferated because their natural enemy, Japanese wolves had been exterminated by man. The deer have increased so mush that they can't get enough food. Since the forests have been devastated, the local government has permitted hunting the deer, and is contriving to make the deer meat commercially available. I read that, in medieval times, knights ate deer steak. I tried deer steak, but it has a gamy flavor. It's no wonder that deer meat hasn't become popular thus far. Local restaurants are devising new recipes to relish deer meat.

 In Australia, millions of kangaroos are destroyed every year. Some are eaten, but most of them are killed in vain. The indigenous creatures are deprived of their land and being massacred. Such senseless slaughter should not be permitted on earth.

 Now, roughly one billion people are on the verge of starvation, and nine million people die of hunger each year. Wasting food is unpardonable. Instead of hunting recklessly, we should make the most of the animals we kill.

 The International Whaling Commission is planning to partially lift a ban on commercial whaling. The number of countries which support whaling is on the rise.

 Not only humans but every creature has to ingest nutrition. But, in sustaining ourselves, we must pay cautious attention not to kill off species. Wild animals instinctively do so. In that sense, since sturgeon are on the brink of extinction, sturgeon and its eggs, caviar, should be protected. And, we must not kill creatures except when we eat them. We should be allowed to kill living things only to live.


  • 2019.11.11 Monday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


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